OnSite Fleet provides outsourced labor, production and fleet management services to the automotive industry.

We focus on providing and maintaining a positive “one to one” vendor relationship through a complete understanding of our client’s needs and then providing the labor and documented processes, that are measurable solutions, for our clients.

We deliver a consistently high level of execution and follow through with reporting of key business drivers and results…before, during and after production. Our team brings over twenty years of successful experience in the service sector of domestic and luxury automotive environments, including the pursuit and ultimate award of the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award for Performance Excellence.

Our Fleet Services

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3 Step Quality Control

  • The TEAM member performing the work physically reviews and marks off the associated checklist. He/she then walks around the vehicle to validate checklist findings and looks for any incomplete work, damage or missing items
  • The manager or TEAM lead will then check the TEAM members work and look for anything the TEAM member missed. If anything is found to be deficient, it is immediately remedied together.
  • The employee is presented with the vehicle and asked to do a quick walk around to inspect the vehicle and provide feedback. Results are then documented and reviewed. We use the great feedback to reward TEAM members with recognition and we use the constructive feedback to develop action plans for improvement and/or progressive discipline
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Vehicle/Asset Lifecycle Management:

  • Inventory Planning
  • Ordering
  • Receipt, Inspection, Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)
  • 3 Step Quality Control
  • Licensing and Registration
  • Activation and Administration
  • Accident Management
  • Toll/Fine Violation Management
  • Customer Satisfaction survey administration
  • Call Center
  • Roadside Assistance Management
  • Service Management (Warranty Claims and Approvals)
  • Cross Utilization Control
  • Grounding / Post In-Service Management
  • Disposal/Remarketing/Donation/Salvage

Fleet Management Goals

Our goals are to professionally perform and facilitate the receipt, checking in, PDI, cleaning, servicing and delivery of the corporate asset at levels well above the CSI benchmark for both Vehicle Cleanliness and Overall Customer Satisfaction of Service. We will accomplish these goals by utilizing the following:


 Actual experience providing these services in a fast paced, high demand environment

 Real time electronic production, quality and customer satisfaction reporting

 Employee training – initial and ongoing

Local and vested management structure

 CSI Driven Culture


Our objective is to execute OEM’s Corporate Vehicle’s policies and procedures. We will also enhance the processes, when needed, with the experience and documented processes we have developed over the years of servicing the retail inventories, service inventories and the rental/service fleets for automotive dealerships, to accomplish our goals stated above. We know we can deliver a better product than most OEMs are currently receiving by implementing our production standards, holding our TEAM accountable and most importantly treating every OEM Vehicle and OEM Employee or Affiliates contact for what it is – a customer service event.

The scope of our services is to provide an end to end solution to OEMs for the management and maintenance of the facilities. To accomplish this, our major deliverables will be a professional staff that is capable, trained and incentivized to perform these services at a consistently high level.

We are excited about the opportunity to take the production and client satisfaction processes we have learned and developed while providing service to the retail sector of the automotive industry and apply them to satisfy the needs of any OEM’s Corporate Vehicle Fleet Operations.